Science & Sorcery

Where scientists play D&D for charity!

Science & Sorcery is a semi-regular livestream where scientists play Dungeons & Dragons to raise money for charity. I started this venture in the winter of 2021, with the assistance of Sam Langford and Alex Holt.

Games run live approximately once every two months, with a rotating cast of scientists and science communicators filling the roles of Dungeon Master and players. The fantastical adventures are interspersed with fun science facts, and although not always family-friendly, are certainly a good time all-around!

Our first livestream, on the 19th of November, raised more than £500 in support of the TIE Campaign, Rainforest Trust, Papyrus, and the RCC's Chemists' Community Fund. We hope to be able to support many more charities in the future, and thank everyone who has donated.

In total, Science & Sorcery has raised £2,500 for charity! In addition to the charities supported by our first fundraiser, we have aided the RNLI, Black Trowel Collective, Jasper's Game Day, Skatepal, Farplace Animal Rescue, the Trans Formations Project, The Foundation for Prader-Willi Resreach, Blood Cancer UK, Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, and Create Paisley.

Want to be a part of Science & Sorcery?

We are always looking for more players and DMs. Please feel free to reach out through the contact form in this website, or on my Twitter. Previous experience with TTRPGs is not a prerequisite for taking part!

Do you have a business or charity and do you want to support our stream and giveaways? Please contact me using the form on this website. We are also interested in hearing from artists, musicians, and the like for possible collaborations!

One-Shot Links

Some of the one-shots played on Science & Sorcery are available for you to play at home! Click on the links below to get all the details you need, including battle maps!